Our graduates make a difference in the workforce. Find out what they have achieved with a qualification from the Graduate School of Engineering. 

Sylvania Marchellina Suhartono, Master of Energy

“One of the biggest decisions in my life was deciding whether I should pursue a higher degree or stay in my comfort zone. Continuing into a masters degree was the right one in spite of the challenges, as I realise that I still have contributions to make to my field. I’m being taught by expert lecturers and recognised renewable energy practitioners, and my knowledge will benefit my country.


Simon Mittermeier, Master of Engineering Management

“My undergraduate Engineering degree was a good foundation for the technical aspects of an engineering career, but I soon realised I wanted to learn a lot more about how engineering fits into the wider business environment. The Master of Engineering Management is a great programme for this. It offers many electives beyond traditional engineering: marketing, operations management, accounting and project management.”

Lavannya Iliger, Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management

The renowned faculty, world-class research facilities, and a crème de la crème graduate programme are the factors which impelled me to choose the University of Auckland for graduate studies. The university’s research facilities and the faculty are top-notch. After meticulously probing the various career options open to me, I decided to pursue a Masters in Construction Management.